Department of Theatre & Dance

Full-Time Theatre Faculty

Adriano Cabral - Assistant Professor, Theatre

Michael Fernbach - Technology & Design Specialist, Theatre

Robert Gander - Associate Professor, Theatre
Jessica Nakamura - Assistant Professor, Theatre
Jonathon Taylor - Department Chair/Production & Design Technical Director, Theatre

Other Theatre Faculty
Sandra Neace

Costume Shop Manager
Cynthia Gillis

Scene Shop Manager

Theatre Emeritus Faculty
James Bernardi, PhD - Professor Emeritus
Bob Dillard - Professor Emeritus
Larry Walters - Associate Professor Emeritus

Full-Time Dance Faculty
Eve Allen - Lecturer, Dance
Cari Cunningham - Associate Professor, Dance
Rosie Trump - Assistant Professor, Dance

Other Dance Faculty
Katiejean Dahlaw - Jazz
Suzette Feilen - Social Dance
Jennifer Pitts - History of Dance II, Wintermester/Summer Mini Term
Mark Simon - Dance Accompanist

Dance Emeritus Faculty
Kristen Avansino - Professor Emeritus, Adjunct Faculty
Barbara Land - Lecturer Emeritus

Theatre & Dance Office

Carla Geib - Department Coordinator