Department of Theatre & Dance


The Department of Theatre & Dance produced the world premier of Juanita's Statue in the Spring of 2012. We are proud to announce that Broadway Play Publishing has now published Juanita's Statue. We are excited for Anne Garcia-Romero and pleased that we were able to be a part of this debut.


Juanita's Statue Published


In a Spanglish speaking land, Juanita disguises herself as a man to escape the wrath of her lover Ignacio's father. Masquerading as a "new" Don Juan, she careens through the city and seduces Alejandra, a wealthy art collector, Tomás, a leather bar patron and Beatríz, an innocent, society bride, who all fall instantly in love with him/her. Juanita’s romp soon lands her squarely at the feet of Don Juan himself as she struggles to find true love.


“The power of language creates worlds, realms and most importantly, relationships. …that power is evident as Juanita, a young woman living in a Spanglish-speaking land, tries on a different persona in order to escape from her lover's angry father and potential shame in her community.”
Elaine Noble, Nevada Today


“Throughout the play, 'Don Juanita' draws more and more attention to herself, attracting the love and care of a multitude of people along the way. The social aspects of the play are fascinating because Juanita basically tries to deconstruct what being a Don Juan is and strives to create a better version of him.”
Juan López, The Nevada Sagebrush