Department of Theatre & Dance

Both theatre and dance have long traditions of excellence at the University of Nevada Reno, but they have been separate units until 2010.

With our new configuration came an exciting opportunity to take advantage of our similar but unique art forms. Ultimately, we are storytellers with a strong desire to impact and comment on the world.

The courses we offer in theatre and dance provide rigorous training in distinct areas. In theatre: acting, design technology, and theatre history. In dance: modern, ballet, jazz, criticism, choreography and dance history. All students receive a well rounded education with significant depth in an area of choice.

In addition to classroom experience, University of Nevada, Reno students enjoy practical application of coursework in productions mounted with the Nevada Repertory Company and the Dance Concert series. Actors, dancers, technicians, and designers display their work, and by doing so, play a significant role in the cultural scene of both the university and the greater Reno community.

The collaborative nature of our disciplines has been important to us within each division. Our new alliance provides opportunities for cooperation in new ways across disciplines. It is an exciting time in our department and I welcome you to contact our talented faculty and staff with any questions you might have about your future and ours.

Rob Gander