An Introduction to Classical and Contemporary Social Theory:
A Critical Perspective

Berch Berberoglu

This book provides a much needed critical perspective for an analysis of the works of some of the major classical and contemporary social theorists of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

Designed to stimulate interest in the beginning sociology student to examine the critical issues raised by these theorists, the book is intended as a supplemental text in introductory sociology and social theory courses to further familiarize students with the works of some of the most prominent social theorists of our time.

The sixteen chapters that make up this book were designed to be brief, concise, and to the point, expressed whenever possible in the words of the theorists concerned so that the central ideas of each of these theorists can be presented in their original form. In this sense, this brief introductory book serves as an initial stepping-stone to more in-depth analyses of these and other theorists usually covered in more advanced texts in social theory.


Preface and Acknowledgments


Part I


1. Marx and Engels on Social Class and Class Struggle

2. Durkheim on Society and Social Order

3. Weber on Bureaucracy, Power, and Social Status

4. Pareto, Mosca, and Michels on Elites and Masses

5. Freud on the Development of Society and Civilization

6. Gramsci and Lenin on Ideology, the State, and Revolution

7. Kollantai on Class, Gender, and Patriarchy

8. Du Bois and Frazier on Race, Class, and Social Emancipation

Part II


9. Parsons, Merton, and Functionalist Theory

10. Mills on the Power Elite and the Military Ascendency

11. Domhoff on the Power Structure and the Governing Class

12. Althusser, Poulantzas, and Miliband on Politics and the State

13. Trimberger, Block, and Skocpol and Neo-Weberian Theorizing

14. Wallerstein and World Systems Theory

15. Therborn and Szymanski on Contemporary Marxist Theory

16. Conclusion


About the Author


Publication date:  1993

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